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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Dawn and Debbie

Dawn thought her hearing loss only affected herself, so put off getting help. Then she realized her family was affected, too.


See what made Todd change his opinion about hearing aids and why he regrets he didn’t change it sooner.

Jim and Carol

Jim didn’t want to wear hearing aids because he thought the technology was “old”. He changed his mind when he heard how much hearing aid technology has changed.

Terry Testimonial – Tinnitus Treatment Solution

Hear what wearers have to say about our new Tinnitus Treatment Solution.

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Dr. Sohn Armstrong and staff were the best throughout the whole process. When the hearing aids came in, Dr. Armstrong went over all the details and made sure I was comfortable with them and he answered any questions I had. I would highly recommend

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Tamara Kharabora, on Google

Shohn and his staff are very professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I enjoyed my visit! This is a first class outfit!

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David Edge, on Google

I have been going to Armstrong hearing aid since 2017. They are professional and kind and so helpful and knowledgeable. They take the time to answer all of my questions.

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Maityme, on Google

I look forward to visits. Shohn is knowledgeable and answers all my questions. And when I leave, my hearing aids work better. The more I learn about caring for them, and caring for my ears, so as not to damage anything, the better. Everyone who works there is very nice. I have my next appointment scheduled. But I know if I have a problem before then, help is a phone call away.

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Dale McKinney, on Google

These are the nicest people, they care about helping people and taking the time needed to help my step dad.

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lioka delgado, on Google

I recently visited Armstrong hearing aid center since my hearing aid I had received from the VA quit working. They quickly within minutes knew they had to send it to the manufacturer for repairs. They had it back in days good as new with no charge. They are very friendly to work with. I highly recommend them to everyone.

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Jim Brock, on Google

Always a great pleasure to visit them. They are patient, thorough and treat you with the utmost respect. Thank you

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Carlos Lopez, on Google

This is a top-notch hearing aid center. I always feel I am getting the best service possible here. It’s always a pleasure to visit the owner. I would not dream of going anywhere else.

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Cindy sing, on Google

You guys are awesome

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Steve McKinzie, on Google

Great experience and support

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Paul Todd, on Google

Professional thorough and friendly family run business. Can't go wrong

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John Deiter., on Google

Great experience, not rushed, took time to explain everything and answer any questions.

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Gary Thiems, on Google

These people are the best!! I've had both my parents in there and they have gone above and beyond to accommodate them. 5 stars!

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Brock Heath, on Google

Everyone is so nice and their service is just awesome!

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Rebecca Sprueill, on Google

Everyone is so polite. They answer all your questions. They treat you like family, and I am pleased with my hearing aids! Thank you

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Laura Zaremba, on Google

They really give good customer service

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Eddie Scott, on Google

This is my first visit with Armstrong Hearing Center. I found them to be both professional and informative. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

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Vickie Thompson, on Google

Shohn was amazing! He was friendly, knowledgable, and answered questions willingly. Most important, I walked out hearing better than before and understood better how to use my hearing aids! The cost was more than reasonable. Best place ever!! Thank you 😊

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Mildred Blandamer, on Google

I had a very positive experience at Armstrong Hearing Aid Center. It was a comfortable atmosphere and the staff was very personable.

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Kathy Haskins, on Google

They were the best hearing aid place I have been to. Know what they are doing.

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Chester Carol Stuckey, on Google

Very helpful and pleasant

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Mary Jane Maple, on Google

Very nice genuine people, they explained everything very clearly to me. I highly recommend using them.

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Terry Bowlin, on Google

Good people they treat you right.

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Gary Chapin, on Google

Everything up to date Very nice people working there

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Virginia Donaldson, on Google

Shohn, Shelly and Lisa are the best! Always friendly, always glad to see you. Willing to help you any way they can. Great service, great people.

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Dennis Garroutte, on Google

I have always had a very positive experience at Armstrong. I rely on them so I can hear and they do not disappoint.

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Judith Blair, on Google

Best hearing aid center I’ve ever used. They are wonderful friendly people and they take great care of you. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs hearing aids. 

They are ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️!

Robin Weatherford Whitlock

Great customer service and products!

Marlys Fallen

Very efficient and helpful!

Jane Owens

Armstrong Hearing Aid Center is awesome! 20 years ago I had a bad experience when I was fitted with the wrong hearing aids for my type of hearing by a professional. I went back multiple times, & was told they had done all they could do. So after this experience & expense, I wasn’t sure I would ever try again; but 3 months ago my brother, who has worn hearing aids for years, told me I really needed hearing aids. He could tell I was really struggling to hear him. I told him I knew I needed them, but they were expensive & I didn’t know if I could go through that again. He said I know , but you really need them ! Just remember 1 thing… can buy cheaper hearing aids somewhere else, but the Customer Service you will get at Armstrong Hearing Aid Center is as important as the aids themselves. This statement stuck with me. I did call others before calling Armstrong & I am so excited that I chose Armstrong over them! Their professionalism , & Customer Service is awesome!!! I was tested one day & received my new aids the next & I love them! They knew exactly what I needed! Thank you Armstrong for giving me back some hearing!!!

Donna P.

Upon my step-mom’s request, my dad went to get his hearing checked. They were told by one company that my dad needed expensive hearing aids. When they shared this with me I suggested they get a second opinion. My dad was examined by Armstrong Hearing…turns out, my dad just needs to work on his selective hearing. Lol! Which is a work in progress 🙂

Thank you for protecting my dad from being taken advantage of! The Armstrong Family’s integrity shines through their business!

Christine O.

Thank you Shohn Armstrong for your professional service, knowledge, and especially your support in my decision to wear a hearing aid device. I cannot believe the difference a hearing aid has made in my life. I can now follow along with a conversation and enjoy a movie. And the word “Huh” has left my vocabulary by 80%, I now need to eliminate the habit of saying “Huh” after so many, many years. And I am now experiencing sounds that I haven’t heard, such as the blinker in my car. The hearing aid has truly given me confidence. Since the age of 6, I have had hearing loss in my left ear due to nerve damage. Basically, my entire life I have been told nothing can aid nerve damage loss. So not true. Thank you Shohn for educating me in audiology and the tools that are available. I really hope this testimonial helps others suffering from nerve damage.

Amy R.

Shohn. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These new hearing aids are surpassing all of my previous experience with hearing aids. Clear, balanced sound, infinite adjustment capacity, comfortable in the ear, and so much more. When I see you Monday I think all I’ll need are a couple of minor adjustments. You do GREAT work.

Tom G.

The staff at Armstrong are very friendly and extremely helpful. Lisa is always smiling and cheerful to talk with and Mr Armstrong had answers to all my questions, very knowledgeable!

Linda T. via Google